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Music enjoys everyone, but not everyone likes the same music.

Experience and knowhow which distinguish us makes it possible we enhance music emotions in your touchpoints. We can create your own music-style, working in harmony with your brand image.

Omniachannel Designs The specific sound for your particular business and its target customers. Experiencing the value of this soundtrack will be a great surprise.


In store Audio&Video

You finally control the remote! In your touchpoints you can broadcast a private TV network that promotes only your brand.

You are director! Music, information, advertising, insights and you can talk about your brand’s values. You decide what topics and communications to show your customers.

No competing advertisements, and no more changing the channel. Amaze your customers will be a great surprise.

Our Solutions

Why should you choose us ?



20 years of Radioinstore and 10 of digital signage is not chicken feed. Hundreds of audio-logos and music editions, thousands of audio-video releases, tens thousands of promotional jingles either.



hundreds of show schedules to manage is not chicken feed. Over 2000 touch points, either. But most of all our 90+ can testimony about our reliability.



Over 2300 different promotional communication campaigns per year is not chicken feed. And not even 5000+ on demand specific speaking requests that we receive every year from our customers’ network.



About 200,000 hours of sleep a year granted is not chicken feed. That’s annual sleep ours that our clients, quiet to have properly acquitted of copyright law, do not lose.



7 different audio-video palimpsest SW-manager perfectly mastered is not chicken feed. And over 3,000 hours/year in technical education and R&D to our staff and IT, either.



Chicken feed is made of mixed grain; to nurrish one chicken cost about 1.00 euro a month. With us you can have your radioinstore starting from 30 chicken feeded per day.

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