We create your Music-Style,
Working in harmony with your Brand Image.

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The schedule

The schedule can be declined on several levels: International Network/National network/single location/single store/Even up to single touchpoint.

It satisfies entertainment and online communication needs of point-of-sales and can be used as a staff pre-post-opening communication tool.


The equipmenT

A simple technical architecture and a minimal footprint. excellent and fully certified music programming; songs freshness, weekly updated with hundreds of tracks.


Hardware supply

Also in free loan; installation and management of music/commercial audio programming with commercial / informative / entertainment pills production according to the customer’s instructions.



Guarantee of an accurate direction and level of coverage for both: time slot and day of the week.

Guarantee of precise and punctual response in case of requests from Author’s collecting.


Service cost

Extremely competitive service cost, optimized for your specific needs.

Once we have received your specifications you will pay a subscription without any other hidden or emerging cost. 

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